Table, grill-barbecue universal use

Various braziers for cooking meat on open fires and coals, probably the earliest culinary invention of mankind. Over time, they have undergone slight changes, improved only the materials for the manufacture and more design options. This kind of brazier, as the grill has become an indispensable attribute of outdoor recreation, firmly taking place in our cars, backpacks and country houses. And recently, western entertainment has become no less popular – barbecue.


Offered to your attention “Star Grill”. Table, grill-barbecue as universal use can cook a variety of dishes – barbecue, grilled meat, vegetables. It can be installed both in the yard and outside, in the park and gazebo. Designed for 6 seats, made of quality materials. Star Grill has a collapsible design: removable legs, removable tabletops.

The table can be disassembled and hidden in a dry place in anticipation of the next season. It can be easily transported to nature, in the park area. “Star Grill” is equipped with cutouts for glasses that will save drinks when the wind gusts. The brazier body is made of 2mm quality steel, coated with heat-resistant paint that withstands high temperatures. The tops are made of 15 mm thick Finnish plywood. Plywood is very durable and practically does not rot, which guarantees a long service life of these countertops, plus they are varnished with an ultraviolet filter, which provides protection against burnout. The barbecue grill table is equipped with an impressively sized barbecue grill for the whole brazier, removable frame for 6 stainless steel skewers. The legs are height adjustable, so the table can be installed on a non-flat platform, which makes it universal.

To collect the ashes, there is a special convenient door that allows you to clean the brazier without any special efforts and problems, which works as if it blew. Well-designed grill table, compact and convenient, it will gather around you a warm company of people dear to you. Use it not only for barbecue, but also as an open hearth. ”Star Grill” gives everyone the opportunity to show their culinary talent among friends. “Star Grill” can be used as a fireplace, sat around him and just warm up.

It is perfect for cafes and restaurants in the open nature. This device will allow you to bring the taste of homemade food to your dishes, as well as immerse your visitors into the warmth and coziness of a summer country holiday in a homely atmosphere. Barbecue grill for dacha allows cooking vegetables, meat, poultry and fish on open fires or coals, which saturates the products with the smell of smoke and gives a special piquancy. “Star Grill” is an indispensable equipment for large and small catering enterprises. It allows you to effortlessly prepare tasty, aromatic and healthy dishes. Thanks to a special technology, the weight of the product does not decrease during cooking, which provides the institution with additional savings. Using it allows you to expand the menu of the enterprise and significantly reduce energy costs.