Banner, oracal, UV printing and more

Color large format printing is a convenient and affordable technology for producing multi-color advertising images of any size – from small stickers to firewalls – giant stretch marks on the facades of buildings. As a rule, large format printing implies the application of the image on the rolled woven materials, various pellicle, nets, paper. Large outdoor advertising allows you to attract a potential target audience to a company that offers its products or services. Large-format advertising can also be used in the interior and act as an element of corporate style, creating a positive image of the organization in the eyes of customers. Advertising print allows you to increase brand recognition. After all, a passer-by perceives visual information on a subconscious level, remembering the logo, slogan or other recognizable elements of the company on a banner or poster. If you need to produce high-quality promotional products in Moldova, you should contact Lucky Star. We carry out printing for outdoor advertising, we are engaged in the manufacture of printed products on paper, pellicle and other media.