Production and installation of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways to market a company, its products and services. The purpose of its creation is the formation of a positive image of the company, organization and dissemination of information about it in order to attract partners, clients, customers and users to an interested audience. The company Lucky Star is engaged in the production and installation of various advertising structures in Moldova: light boxes of various shapes, volume letters from any sizes of various shades and colors, stands of any form, office signs and pointers, signboards, light panels, billboards, posters and much more . For anyone even the most non-standard order, we can offer several options for its execution, taking into account the wishes of the client. We always carefully monitor the quality of our work; therefore, our products are distinguished by their durability, practicality and accuracy. All advertising structures are made individually for each customer. We try to find an individual approach to each of our clients, and carry out orders as soon as possible. We will produce for you any outdoor advertising and take on all the stages of the realization of your idea – from the development of the sketch to the installation and delivery of the entire advertising structure on a turnkey basis.